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ooVoo Stickers

A few weeks ago at Krush we decided that we wanted to integrate a system of clickable stickers (called inmoji) into the messaging aspect of ooVoo, our largest product. The basis of stickers in ooVoo, as with stickers in any app, is to increase revenue while creating a better experience for the user. We redesigned part of our interface to allow for the introduction of these stickers, but found that nearly every sticker inmoji was going to feed us was branded content. We only found this out a few days before launch, and we wanted to make sure that there were some house stickers that weren’t trying to sell you anything, so I had the task of created three to four “sticker packs” over the course of three days. I was able to do whatever I wanted, so I created some “phrases” stickers that were fairly straightforward (not much better than word art, although some of it was hand drawn) some “monsters” (which were basically rough illustrator sketches heightened by crazy line work) and my personal favorite, the melting fruit. Oh and one that's just a bunch of cactus style emojis... You can see some examples of some of them here and you can see all of them in the ooVoo app for a limited time.

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