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Right as I was on the cusp of graduating from SCAD I had an assignment to create a website. It had to be for some made up product (the professor suggested “Justin-cola” which I promptly rejected). I decided to use the project as an opportunity to reminisce and show off some of the photography my friends and I captured while we took a road trip back in 2014.

At the time we jokingly called the trip “Camp Change-A-Pants.” Dumb name, I know, but it’s called that for a reason. While we were on the road and backpacking many of the most beautiful national parks on the west coast we were often out of coverage for our phones. Of course our families and friends wanted to know what we were up to, so we decided to write “letters” with all of them addressed to our mothers talking in very childish but memorable ways about the things we had been doing on our trip, as if we were writing home from summer camp. We ended each of these letters with “Please send more underwear” and posted them on facebook. They were huge hits on social media, and we just rolled one out every few days or whenever we got service. Of course, it’s not particularly easy to go back through social media years back to find these things, so I wanted this site to be an easy way to go back and read those letters and remember the things we did. And voila, here’s the site. I attached screenshots because I’m not entirely sure how long I’ll continue paying for hosting on this site.

And of course, if you want a quick video showing some awesome highlights of our trip you can see one below, made by Crosby Ignasher.

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