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First Six Months at Krush

A while back I wrote about the fact that I had just received a job at Krush as a Product Designer. I’m happy to say that come December I’ve been working there for six months. It’s been a hectic time going from school to work full time. In fact, I finished class on a Thursday, graduated that Saturday, drove from Savannah, Georgia to Mason, Ohio that Sunday and started work Monday. I haven’t had a ton of down time as of yet, but I’m loving working at Krush.

The breadth of projects I get to work on coupled with the amazing talent around me in every field from design, to development to backend programming means that every day I’m excited to further the products I’m working on. It’s also awesome to be able to do something (like a simple sticker) and very quickly afterward see it used millions of times in a week. It very satisfying.

The environment I work in is awesome too. Like I said, the people are great, and Krush is awesome about creating a positive environment and getting people to do things together outside of work. And then it’s always amazing to me that I get to work in probably one of the only offices in the country that is surrounded by a large moat and is heavily wooded. It’s really a beautiful campus.

Some people might be sceptical of going to a city like Dayton, because it’s not traditionally known for their technology companies, but I really think Krush can change some of those notions, and has clearly started. This year we were given the Rookie Business of the Year and overall Business of the Year awards from the city of Dayton and there were many many news articles written about how we’re changing the Dayton tech scene. It’s been a great experience so far and I look forward to the next six months!

Here are some articles on Krush that were published in the last few months.

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