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As part of winning the Rookies Awards I received some awesome prizes, including software, a paid Vimeo subscription and an AMD workstation video card with a whopping 8GB of DDR5 memory. I just received the workstation card a few weeks ago, and on Cyber Monday I decided to take a few hundred dollars and build a new PC for the card. I quickly realized that with my current setup (running a not too shabby i5, with 16GB of RAM and two 900 series Nvidia cards) I could easily build a whole second PC, just for gaming.

I decided to get a new Asus mobo, a new AMD processor and a sweet new modular power supply. These I combined with a few hard drives I had lying around and the AMD workstation card, and put it all in my old Cooler Master HAF tower case to build my work PC. I currently have it hooked up in my room with surround sound and a few ultrawide monitors and I’m loving the power.

For my gaming rig I took most of the internal components from my old computer, wiped two hard drives clean and then put it a bit more RAM to make it lightning fast and assembled it all in another Cooler Master HAF case, but I used the giant square one this time (I forget what it’s called) for easy customization. It looks pretty slick sitting under my TV. I use it primarily with a Steam Controller, which has, in itself, made me reconsider the way we might want to design web products in the future. All in, I spent around $300 and basically got a whole new computer out of it. It definitely helped that I got a $1000 card for free though. Pretty happy with the way it all ended up.

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