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Graduated From SCAD

Well, it’s been a great four years. I just graduated Cum Laude from SCAD with one of only two Outstanding Academic Achievement awards given. During my time at SCAD I’ve made hundreds of talented friends, created dozens (if not hundreds) of pieces of art and design, been an RA, a soccer team captain, and been a part of some amazing projects.

The projects I’ve been able to be a part of at SCAD are so much more than the typical resume fodder. I’ve been a part of 7 different games, one of them (my game jam game) being displayed at the Indie Bits Showcase and the Entelechy Showcase, one of them about to be displayed at the E3 College Game Competition in Los Angeles. I was also a part of a few live action films, one of them, by the very talented Ian Klink, was even shot in stereoscopic 3D! On top of that I was extremely fortunate to be a part of Jason Rayner’s team on the short film, My Big Brother, which went on to win an Annie Award (and basically every award SCAD gives) and become a Vimeo Staff Pick.

I’ve lived with eleven different people, a few of them becoming my best friends, traveling across the country in a cramped volvo station wagon or just putting up with my 4 AM cooking in the Boy Hole (yes, that was the name of our house).

One of my favorite things from the last four years is getting to captain the tremendous players of Tahitian Paradise (those are our jerseys).

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to go to SCAD, but more than anything, for the opportunity to meet and hang out with so many incredibly gifted individuals. If I did it again I wouldn’t change a thing, and I’m so very excited to see where my friends go from here! Cheers!

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