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Art Test Work

Last week I was given an art test by a company out of Dallas, and here's what I came up with. The prompt was simply "Improve the automotive experience" and the only real restriction was that it should have a screen.

My idea was essentially that every car would hold payment information, and that information would be readily available to use as you drove around. For instance, when you pull up to a gas station the console of your car would pop up with fueling information, like what type and how much gas, and you could pay right there (where in an ideal world an automated gas pump would then fill up you vehicle.

Another example would be entering a national or state park, or really anything that required some sort of entry permit. The entrance and the car would interact, getting rid of lines and waits.

And of course there's fast food. 70% of all fast food transactions in the United States are done through a drive thru, and only around 80% of those transactions end up being accurate. With my system people would pull up to the drive through, and instead of talking to a person through a speaker they would simply use their console to order exactly what they want, pay, and pull up to the window to receive their food.

I had three weekdays to complete the art test (which was rather difficult to do along with senior year of art school) and I was able to build a high poly car interior based on a 1958 Chevy, and low poly stylized car along with a few environments to show off the various uses of the system, as well as screens and wireframes for five major scenarios of the system. You can check out some of the screens below, thanks for reading!

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