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First Animation (Wall Robot)

So by now you've probably realized that I have an affinity for robots. I just love the variations and personality that you can assign to mechanical objects, and I think it's really interesting. That said, get ready to see some rather crappy animation.

This was really a combination of my first two animation attempts, and that's immediately apparent to anyone who knows the basics of animation. Of course, I put it up here anyway, because while I don't think it's a good representation of the quality of work I usually do, it's a cool concept, and I do at least like the animation on the man.

The first part of the animation was the idle and walk cycle of the custom character, which was created and animated in Maya using the Unreal 4 plugin. I was much happier with the idle, which is a little hard to see in the video, it's a lot of intricate hand movement, combined with the character rocking back and forth from heel to toe. The run was alright, but looks a bit too light, and I could have adjusted the speed a little too.

The coolest part, conceptually, of the project is by far the robot though. It's basically a camera with a couple panels that sits in a wall, perhaps set as a trap for a player, and as the player enters a collision sphere the animation plays out between the robot and the player. This project was also a pretty good introduction to the animation blueprint system in Unreal, which I am using a lot on my more recent project, Bitter Albatross.

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