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Let's See Where This Thing Goes

So here I sit, at 12:14 at night, listening to the excellent French rappers Bigflo et Oli sing about not being gangsters, trying to decide what this blog is even going to be about. Does it have to be about just one thing? The internet seems to agree that that's the way to go if you want some sort of global following.

Don't get me wrong, that makes perfect sense. If I talk about environment art creation one week and then follow it up with a diagram on how to effectively true a bike wheel (a good skill to know, if you don't already), and follow it again with my personal recipe for carne asada my audience is going to be confined to the 14 other people on the planet with weirdly diverse interests like me.

And so here we sit. I writing this rambling post and you reading it. Maybe this is secretly a post to convince you of my copywriting skill? But if it was I wouldn't need to draw your attention to that fact. You would finish this post and simply be satisfied. That won't happen.

What this blog will actually be about is most definitely in the realm of tech and art. Where in that realm is yet to be seen. I've just finished working as an environment artist and level designer on the expansion pack to Age of Mythology, and I'm currently working on a first person virtual reality mech combat game tentatively called Bitter Albatross, two drastically different frameworks. To add another to the mix, I've also worked with the excellent folks at Atomic Robot recently to build apps and do plenty of user experience work, so basically if it involves tech, games, some sort of user psychology or even software, there's a fair chance I'll be talking about it at some point.

And again, here we sit. Well, you sit, I'm standing at this point. I'm downloading Amazon's Lumberyard Engine at the moment, so I'll surely be writing about my impressions with that after working with Unreal for so long once I have a week or two of experience with it.

This post is going to lack a proper closing statement, so I'll exit with the song I started with. Do yourself a favor and listen to this.

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