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Rain Dance at Indie Bits Festival

Spent last weekend at the 2016 Indie Bits Festival, part of the larger Indie Grits Film Festival where I got the opportunity to show off one of the games I made, Rain Dance!

It was a great showcase with a lot of fun and polished games, and proved to be a great way for me to see exactly how people would actually play our game. As a 48 hour game jam game we didn't have as much time to balance and polish it as we would have liked, but people seemed to really enjoy it anyway! In fact the people in the picture played our game (which only has 2 minute rounds) for over an hour while a line formed behind them.

Indie Bits and it's sister events happening around the city (including the Bar Mitzvah I attended for a 25 year old man of Mexican descent) were all extremely fun and I very much look forward to heading back down there next year, hopefully to show something new!

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