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Mouth God (PC Game)

Mouth God is a real time strategy meets tower defense game built in Unreal Engine 4 entirely using blueprint over the course of eight weeks. The focus was really to get a working, balanced and fun game in a short amount of time without having to worry about art, and I'm confident that I achieved that.


In this game you are the controller of this village, who is trying to gain the favor of the titular Mouth God, a sarlaac-like creature that lies in the middle of the map. Your villagers spawn and instantly attempt to feed themselves to the Mouth God, which is exactly what you want for the blessings to rain down upon your people. Unfortunately, there is an enemy village just opposite who is also trying to gain the favor of the Mouth God, and they send their warriors to kill your villagers before they can sacrifice themselves. You directly control the warriors of your village, and attempt to thwart attempts by enemy warriors and monsters to kill your villagers before they can bring the ultimate honor to your village.


The game is pretty goofy, as you can see above, but I really enjoyed the challenge of bringing together two different types of strategy games while turning them somewhat on their head and getting the player to try to kill his own units. It was certainly full of challenges though. For one, I had never created a full game from start to finish before, and I certainly had never attempted a solo project of this scale. Oh and AI... artificial intelligence can be a pain. I'm very happy with the result though, it taught me great skills for designing for strategy games as well as gave me a massive amount of technical knowledge for Unreal Engine 4.

Here you can see the two basic characters, a warrior and villager. They had health bars floating above their heads and a rudimentary animation system, as well as specific selection and movement commands, particle effects and sounds (by the very talented Leo Magrin).

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