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Greenhouse - A Footlocker App

From the official press release:

"Foot Locker, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of Greenhouse, a multi-faceted incubator set to disrupt the market through the creation of category-busting collaborations and concepts with the world’s leading youth culture tastemakers. Acting as an innovation arm of the industry giant, Greenhouse will incubate carefully curated partnerships which will contribute to Foot Locker’s modern resurgence.

Secretly housed outside the walls of Foot Locker, Greenhouse is a separate unit that will look to challenge status quo by being progressive, disruptive and responsive to a perpetually evolving consumer and culture.  Brought to you by an impressive and interdisciplinary team of experts led by marketing maverick Mel Peralta, Greenhouse is positioned to build Foot Locker cultural currency with an ambidextrous approach to product development.

Greenhouse’s core values of Empowerment, Inclusion, and Innovation are close to me personally, and what resonates with our consumers more than any drop. Greenhouse isn’t built solely for the transaction, rather, it’s here to empower and uplift the next generation of creatives in a way that big business hasn’t before. From launching new brands to working with some of the biggest and brightest creatives in the world, the DNA of (Greenhouse) is rooted in youth culture and all of its iterations,” said Mel Peralta, Team Lead at Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse architecture encompasses three facets; Collaborations, Concepts and Think Tank. Collaborations is where the brand works with creators first and develops relationships with incredible talent across all aspects of youth culture. Concepts represents brands first. It's an opportunity to work with vendor partners differently, to color outside the lines and to create energy for what's next. Think Tank is an ideas first approach to provide organizational future-forward thinking that may or may not have product attached.

The idea for Greenhouse is the product of a year and a half of a collaborative effort to invite a community of our culture into our ecosystem and to have dedicated focus on them. We did that by creating a new team and by honing-in on our brand and product diversity, while still developing a space that lives without the pressures what some people perceive Foot Locker Inc. to be. Greenhouse is where it becomes less about the register and more about cultural relevance for the youth, without just borrowing from the culture but truly supporting and giving back to it,” said Jed Berger, Foot Locker CMO.

The first set of collaborators for Greenhouse will include Los Angeles streetwear brand Diet Starts Monday, designers Dao-Yi Chow of Public School and Nicole McLaughlin formerly of Reebok as well as NYC based brands VFiles, and Alife and Parisian-based brand Paperboy. There will be more projects down the line that will match emerging designers with an industry mentor, which will be announced later.

Consumers can expect all different types of products to be created by Greenhouse from apparel, footwear, art and more, for men, women and kids, which will only be available to purchase only on the Greenhouse mobile app and will be released on a regular cadence.  

Greenhouse is committed to engaging with both sides of the spectrum and inclusivity is at the core of Greenhouse’s cultural code. From the partners they team up with to the product they develop together, Greenhouse will pursue opportunities to scale exclusive product with top tastemakers, as well as create hype on behalf of rising talent."

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