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Heystax: Live Video Speed Date

When I was looking at coming to Krush, Heystax was one of the properties that interested me the most. The concept was a social dating app that leveraged ooVoo's video technology to find you matches. There were a couple twists of course, the main one being that you were dropped into a random one minute video call with a stranger, and the "swiping" so to say, happened after you'd had a conversation. 

Additionally, we used facial tracking to track the micro-expressions of each person in the call to better find them matches. Really, overall it was a really cool concept, and I enjoyed the time I spent working on it. I came in to Krush prior to the launch of Heystax, and I helped define some UX in how the app behaved, how onboarding worked and partially helped create a plan for the future of the app, along with many talented designers and developers. I did additional UI work that never made it into the app due to time constraints, but overall I very much liked working on Heystax.


You can see more of the product at its official website.

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