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ooVoo Redesign: Video Chat with an Async Element

The majority of my time at Krush Technologies was spent working on ooVoo. Below is an extremely cursory example of what I did on the project. I was approached to consider what it would look like to keep people in the video chat app for a longer time, and ultimately settled on an asynchronous element we called "Chains." 

ooVoo was a unique opportunity in that we got to build on top of a platform of 180M users, and billions of monthly video call minutes.

Keeping true to the social video aspect of ooVoo, which was at its core a video chat app, we built chains as a tool to allow users to create collaborative stories with their friends, regardless of their current availability or status. 

On this project I started in a purely design role and quickly rose to doing everything from leading the design team in project planning and management, to writing tickets for developers, to writing the algorithms we used to determine whether or not content was trending, suggested, volatile, etc. Throughout the course of this project I assumed many responsibilities of both the Chief Design Officer and Vice President of Product, who departed the company prior to launching the product. 

Ultimately, my full vision was never realized, but I am extremely proud of how far the talented team at Krush was able to come in such a short time, and I'm tremendously proud of the product.

You can see more about ooVoo here.

More process work will be added in the future as it becomes available to me.

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