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Brobot Beat Down

Originally titled Bitter Albatross (as a working title only), Brobot Beat Down is here! BBD is a first person mech combat game, built in UE4, in virtual reality with Oculus Rift. Oh and did I mention it's networked and has destructible environments? And all of this is done solely through UE4's blueprint system.


I worked the project lead, game designer, character designer, programmer and UI/UX/Visual Designer on Brobots, with an extremely talented team of artists and designers. Truly, without their talent and dedication this project would never have come to fruition, so I'd love to call a few of them out below. Check out their portfolios, they're phenomenal.


The video above is the version that we displayed at E3, where we went on to win the College Game Competition, competing against more than 400 other schools and universities. Brobots also got Finalist in the Rookies Competition for VR Game of the Year and the Entelechy Award for Best Game Trailer (probably because we used classical music and a bunch of Nukes).

Here are just some of the people that did terrific work on Brobots: Our awesome cover art was done by Matthew Gallman. He also did our pink T-shirts, which really made us stand out at E3.

Charles D'Avignon, did the designs for the robot, as well as all of the animations (in fact he did many of them multiple times after we realized we wanted to stylize the game even more. 

Tom Schmidt led our sound design team, and even through finals stayed up with me through the night, getting some tremendous sounds that worked perfectly in a VR environment.

Slater Ferrell modeled almost the entire environment, twice. We pivoted in the middle and Slater knocked everything in the environment below out in just a few weeks.

Raed Al Amoudi created all of the effects in the game in a ridiculous week. I know for a fact that he did not sleep during that week, and he's easily the best effects guy I know.

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